Event//In Conversation: Economics of Queerness

Organised and facilitated byJune Bellebono, Economics of Queerness is a series of conversations exploring the way LGBTQ+ Black people and people of colour create alternative economic systems.

‘Economics of Queerness’ is a new series of conversations developed from an event we hosted, where three community organisers, artists and writers discussed how colonialism shaped gender and sexuality.

Organised and facilitated by June Bellebono, these three conversations will explore the way LGBTQ+ Black people and people of colour create alternative economic systems: outside of the state, across generations and trespassing borders.

Economics of Queerness: Organising for Solidarity Systems

In this panel conversation, we are inviting three LGBTQ+ community organisers of colour whose work explores how we can build new solidarity systems and share resources amongst our community when the State doesn’t provide and look out for us.

Sexual health, trans healthcare and migrant rights are three spheres that the State actively sabotages; through this panel we want to uncover some of the challenges in doing this work, and see how people are strategising against them and sharing resources with one another.

Date: Wednesday 14th June

Time: 6:30-8pm

Location: Common Counter at Glass House, 118 Bethnal Green Road, London E2 7EE

Panellists include Roberto Tovar, Shash Appan and Abbey Kiwanuka.

Economics of Queerness: Organising Across the Decades

In this panel conversation, we are inviting three LGBTQ+ community organisers of colour who have been fighting for queer and trans liberation under different cultural climates across generations.

It will be an opportunity to share experiences, hear of what strategies have and have not worked, and how our community has changed over time.

Date: Wednesday 28th June

Time: 6:30pm-8pm

Location: Common Counter at Glass House, 118 Bethnal Green Road, London E2 7EE

Panellists include Tobi Adebajo, Ted Brown and another guest (TBC).

Economics of Queerness: Organising Across Borders

In this online panel conversation, we are inviting trans women of colour from across the globe to discuss their work and their experience organising for trans liberation in their local communities.

What does transness look like in different contexts and what are the specific ways in which these activists respond to its challenges? What beautiful and unique ways do different communities show up for one another and share resources? What are the opportunities for building a global trans solidarity movement?

Date: Wednesday 12th July

Time: 6:30-8pm

Location: Online (Zoom)

Panellists include Yren Rotela, Raven Gill and another guest (TBC).

Feature image illustration by Han.

Videos//Community Resourcing

Explore community resourcing with two special videos on the African diaspora and trans liberation.

In October 2022, Nonhlanhla hosted a webinar with author of the Resourcing Your Community Toolkit, Zahra Dalilah, in conversation with Berlin-based Somali organiser Axmed Maxamed on community resourcing within the African diaspora. 

They spoke about how their grandmothers had been using saving circles such as pardner and susu and the parallels between this and the mutual aid movement in the African diaspora currently. 

We also talked about trust, community and self determination as a legacy of Black radical organising and how community resourcing takes us closer to this.  

In December 2022, Nonhlanhla co-organised an event in partnership with UK based trans organisers on trans Community Resourcing. 

The event sought to create a space for international solidarity economics exchange between Black American trans organisers and UK based trans community organisers in the UK. 

Bringing together two powerhouses, Qween Jean and Ceyenne Doroshow, who recently utilised community resourcing to buy a trans-led community housing project in New York in a beautiful and insightful conversation with artist and community organiser Chloe Filani. 

Together, they spoke about liberation work being about freeing yourself and others in order to determine your own destinies, the role of trans organisers in visioning and building what liberation can look like through care and love.

This event was filmed by Colleen Lee.

We’re so thankful for the generosity of our collaborators for sharing their expertise and practise with us, and to the people that attended the events. 

Please consider investing in these community organisers to continue their amazing work, by donating to their fundraisers below and purchasing Qween Jean’s beautiful book. 

Donate to We Exist’s Trans Healthcare Fund 

Donate to Axmed’s mutual aid work by donating to their PayPal

Donate to G.L.I.T.S to support US trans organisers on the frontline

You can also buy Qween Jeans book ‘Revolution is Love: A Year of Black Trans Liberation’

Event // Economics from the Margins

Noni hosted a panel at The World Transformed festival in 2021, featuring June Bellebono, the Class Work Project and Last Mafuba.

This session is for anyone who, like us, has a penchant for colonial history, and how that history has been central to shaping our modern economy.

Our special guests are some of the most exciting social justice organisers whose work explores racialisation, migration, ableism, class oppression and queerness.

Panellists included June Bellobono, the Class Work Project and Last Mafuba.

During the Economics from the Margins session, guests speak on how their lived and learn experience has informed their organising towards a Just Transition.

Event // Organising Jackson Rising Book Tour and BPOC Learning Exchange

In 2019, Noni and Guppi connected Kali Akuno with Stir To Action to support them in organising a learning exchange for new economy activists.

During the same trip, Guppi and Noni coordinated Decolonising Economics first evening event with Kali Akuno in conversation with Adotey Bing Pappoe from the Afrikan Credit Union. They also supported the family’s tour across the UK, building relationships with those organising for a solidarity economy rooted in racial justice. 

Cooperation Jackson UK Tour flyer.

Read more about the learning exchange on The Independent.