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Our work relies on building partnerships with individuals and organisations across the movement so we can collectively work towards our shared vision.

Our programmes are developed from a mixture of experimentation and emergence – often blossoming from a conversations we’ve had with a partner and ally, so please get in touch with your ideas so we can work with you on: – Designing your organisational strategy towards a just transition – Researching the colonial roots of your social justice focus – Developing relationships with BPOC organisers to direct your investment

If you’d like to find out more about our work email us at info@decolonisingeconomics.org

What folks say about us

“Decolonising Economics has helped revolutionise the way Ben & Jerry’s Europe thinks about climate justice, racial justice and how we achieve systemic change. Guppi and Noni are clearly subject matter experts and wonderfully approachable communicators.”

– Rebecca Baron, Ben and Jerry’s

“The Finance Innovation Lab has worked closely with Decolonising Economics for the past two years, and has learnt and benefited greatly from their creative and collaborative approach to intersectional, reparative justice. As well as speaking and facilitating at multiple Lab events, Decolonising Economics worked with the Lab to develop the strategy for our people of colour in financial innovation initiative, and have trained several Lab staff through their workshops. We are excited about Decolonising Economics’ plans for 2021 and beyond, and look forward to continuing to collaborate even more closely in the future.”

– Naomi Alexander Naidoo, Finance Innovation Lab

“What stuck out is that the work Decolonising Economics does is not revolutionary only in its content, but also in its format, displaying care and cooperation to everyone they work with and for.”

– Jon Bellobono, UKQTIBIPOC Hardship Fund

“Excellent sesh today with the amazing people @DecolonisingE! Say it with me, divest from their power, invest in our power. Thank you @guppikb @itsmeNoni #decolonisingeconomics”

– @AnuPea

a mindmap

“Only partway through and look at the notes from #DecolonisingEconomics already 😍”

– @skellymaher

a mindmap

We’re a small outfit, running on very limited funds and rely contributions to our work to keep us going. If you love what we do we’d love you to support us!