Building a solidarity economy
rooted in racial
justice principles

We’ve launched our new video series on Community Resourcing!



We are working to:

  • #Divestfromwhiteness – Deepen the analysis of our economic and financial systems which are currently rooted in the colonial legacy of maintaining wealth in whiteness
  • Work alongside partners and allies to shift the strategies and practices of the new economy movement in the UK to facilitate a solidarity economy
  • Invest in the leadership of marginalised communities of colour who are organising to towards community ownership of assets, as a strategy for reparations that centers collective healing


We strategise to move power and resources to those who are building a just transition

Though our work hits on many themes of racial justice including white privilege and its associated colonial concepts, we are not anti-oppression trainers. However, we love to connect you with those who do this work so you can get the support you need.

Primarily, we are strategists. We believe that there is a dearth of understanding around how racial capitalism is maintained in today’s economy, and even less understanding of how we transform out of it.

This gap exists because the theoretical and academic ideas of decolonising have not been transformed into accessible concepts and frameworks that support the very practical ways in which marginalised communities are building a solidarity economy.

A mixed group of people posing for a picture

We love sounds! Not only is Noni a hot DJ, but music makes our world go round. So, we’ve pulled together a list of our favourite tracks that we blast during workshops, alongside a few podcasts that have spoken to us and our work, keeping us dreaming and inspiring us in our journey.

We hope you love it all as much as we do!

What folks say about us

“What stuck out is that the work Decolonising Economics does is not revolutionary only in its content, but also in its format, displaying care and cooperation to everyone they work with and for.” – Jon Bellobono, UKQTIBIPOC Hardship Fund

“The Finance Innovation Lab has worked closely with Decolonising Economics for the past two years, and has learnt and benefited greatly from their creative and collaborative approach to intersectional, reparative justice. As well as speaking and facilitating at multiple Lab events, Decolonising Economics worked with the Lab to develop the strategy for our people of colour in financial innovation initiative, and have trained several Lab staff through their workshops. We are excited about Decolonising Economics’ plans for 2021 and beyond, and look forward to continuing to collaborate even more closely in the future.” – Naomi Alexander Naidoo, Finance Innovation Lab

“Only partway through and look at the notes from #DecolonisingEconomics already 😍” – @skellymaher

a mindmap

“Excellent sesh today with the amazing people @DecolonisingE! Say it with me, divest from their power, invest in our power. Thank you @guppikb @itsmeNoni #decolonisingeconomics” – @AnuPea

a mindmap

Background about the website and designs

This website was created in collaboration with amazing BPOC artists, illustrators and website developers. Our main goal was to create a website that was organic, fresh and bright and our amazing collaborators did just that.

Kaajal Modi created our banner, delicately alchemising our favourite colours, fruits and herbs and shapes.

Jacob V Joyce created our new logo inspired by the Adinkra symbol for cooperation, illustrated by two houses connected by a ladder.

Multitudes co-op took all these elements and helped us to design a sleek website that reflects our collaborative and creative ethos.