Work with us

There are many different ways you can work with us as a collective, see below for just some of them:

If you have a question that this page doesn’t answer, just get in touch here.

Workshops and consultation

If you are interested in us holding a Decolonising Economics workshop for you and a group of allies or colleagues, please do get in touch.

Note that we do not usually accept free work, and usually charge a consultation fee. For NGOs or funded groups, we charge fees based on a sliding scale. All fees will go towards our time as facilitators and organisers, as well as going back into making it possible to provide this work free for POC communities.

We will make exceptions for POC-led groups that we are keen to support or work with.

Dream projects

We’re always dreaming up new ways to decolonise the economy and support POC across the UK and beyond. But we only have so much time! Here are some of the things we are eager to work on, but are on the lookout for project partners:

  • A reparations map of the UK
  • An anthology of solidarity economics projects in the UK

If you’d like to work on the above projects, or if you have any other ideas about work we could do, please do get in touch!

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