What we do

We are a grassroots collective working towards building a new economy movement rooted in racial justice.

Our work builds on the legacies of resistance against slavery, empire and colonialism. The foundations of which are the vehicles of the economic system as it is today.

We deliver workshops, support grassroots community organising, and publish strategic articles and research. 

We love collaborating and sharing knowledge, and there are many ways you can work with us. Read on below for just some of them…

This picture is of a Decolonising Economics workshop. The picture shows a group of people in an office who are clapping their hands. Nonhlanhla stands at the front in a pink satin dress.


We deliver workshops to cooperatives organisations, NGOs, think tanks, grassroot groups, and students across the UK. Our workshops deepen our participants understanding of economic history, it’s role in upholding structural inequality today and support the development of deeply innovative strategies to build a just transition. We cover:

  • The history of European colonial expansion fuelling capitalism
  • Connecting modern day financial instruments with colonialism
  • The context of structural inequality in UK and globally
  • Centring racial justice in our vision for economic and political systems change

We encourage funded groups and NGOs to make a financial contribution to our workshops, based on a sliding scale. We’ll work with you to ensure the content works for your organisation’s purpose and objectives.

If you’d like us to run a workshop for you, please get in touch.


We are building a community of BIPOC changemakers across the UK who are working on issues of racial justice, climate justice, and economic justice. Our aim is to support this community to make their magic happen by redistributing resources and providing guidance, support and connections. We are grateful to exist in an ecology of siblings who we work closely with, including: Land in our Names, Memorial UK, Ubele, Wretched of the Earth, QTIBPOC Hardship Fund, Civic Sq and Racial Justice Network plus many more.

We have worked with international solidarity economy initiatives, such as Cooperation Jackson, to facilitate spaces for global knowledge exchange and applications.

A picture of an article written by Guppi entitled 'Why We Must Decolonise Economics'

Research and insight

We have published our research and insights in new economy publications such as STIR to Action, Skin Deep, NEF and, Global Justice Now. We have also worked in partnership with Tax Justice UK, Finance Innovation Lab and others to commission essential pieces of research.

We received a small grant to develop research on the existing new economy solutions currently present within BIPOC communities, with a focus on Black Growers. We are currently working on turning this research into a film which is helping to facilitate creative discussion and solutions to inequality based on a solidarity economics framework.

Future work and dream projects

We’re always dreaming up new ways to decolonise the economy and support POC across the UK and beyond. But we only have so much time! Here are some of the things we have plans to work on, but are on the lookout for project partners:

  • A group of BPOC who want to set up multiple co-operatives (housing, land, food, work) enhance our knowledge and practice in this area
  • A reparations map of the UK where wealthy progressives redistribute ownership of their land and income to organised poc-led collectives
  • An anthology of solidarity economics projects in the UK that archives and upholds the work of BPOC communities historically resisting extractivism
  • Continually commissioning research with economic think tanks on the relationship between colonial expansion and our modern economy

If you’d like to work on the above projects, or if you have any other ideas about work we could do, please do get in touch!