The collective

Decolonising Economics is a grassroots collective working to build a new economy movement rooted in racial justice principles. The collective emerged from a partnership between Noni Makuyana and Guppi Bola in response to the white-centric analysis of systems change led by mainstream NGOs and political activists. 

Guppi Bola

Guppi Bola is an organiser and educator. She has a background in economic systems change work, having previously worked at NEF, NEON and as Economic Justice Programme Manager at Quakers in Britain. She recently led Medact as Interim-Director, and is currently a senior leadership consultant and adviser to various philanthropic organisations.
She tweets at @guppikb

Nonhlanhla Makuyana

Nonhlanhla Makuyana is an organiser and an educator. They’re a facilitator with Campaign Bootcamp, Stir to Action and the cofounder of Decolonising Economics. Their work focuses on the reclamation of histories violently silenced and erased by legacies of white supremacy and empire in our collective stories of the economy.

They tweet at @itmeNoni