Report//Tax as a Tool for Racial Justice

You are invited to delve into our first self-produced report: Tax as a Tool for Racial Justice. This project is a product of a partnership between Tax Justice UK and Tax Justice Network that began in 2020 which opened up a conversation around the real need for detailed strategic research within the tax justice movement in the UK.

Accessible versions:

Read our single page version of the Tax as a Tool for Racial Justice report.

Or flip through the Tax as a Tool for Racial Justice report on Issuu.

In the next stage of this work, we hope you take this report to act as a framework for future research, organising and campaigns in which tax can be used as a tool to repair the harms of structural racism that are embedded into our economic system. This paper has been written to invite discussion – and throughout there will be moments for your personal reflections.

We hope that through this paper we are able to encourage investment in deeper and more intelligent research into the colonial roots of our economy, and a commitment to movement-led policy making and organising infrastructure that would influence mainstream tax justice campaigns and the broader tax policy world. 

This is your chance to reflect, interrogate, critique, digest and offer your insights as part of the participatory process of movement-centred research. We expect to hear back from you!

Following the report release on Tuesday 13th September, we are planning a movement assembly in October that will bring together the new economy sector with activists to build commitment, shared strategy and accountability in racial justice organising.